Power Outage
Power Outage

Power Outage


For the Dutch, the 27th of March already was a date associated with disaster, since the river Merwede broke through the dyke at Hardinxveld in the year 1709, resulting in the near complete flooding of a part of the Netherlands called the Alblasserwaard. In 2015 yet another disaster was added to the history of this date – a disaster of similar or perhaps greater scale according to some.. 

Power outage or no, work goes on at K-TAINER!When a malfunction in a power station in Diemen caused a major power outage, cutting off tens of thousands. Whilst hordes of youngsters tried, and failed, desperately to connect to their Wifi networks, businesses from Amsterdam to Rotterdam were making efforts to continue operating despite the lack of functioning electricity.


As Twitter exploded by means of #stroomstoring, Dutch for power outage, the Amsterdam local government joined in by sending a tweet asking people to please use their common sense. People in search of information made attempts to call their local power company's service number, a number specifically set up to deal with malfunctions, but they were left disappointed as the line was down due to... the power outage. In the meantime, the Dutch official national disaster TV and Radio service NOS was unavailable for commentary. Fortunately the power outage, whilst being one of the largest ever, was not one of the longest ever, and the worst of it was over at around 11 am, when airport Schiphol was back in the air.

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