Reduction CO2 emissions
Reduction CO2 emissions

Reduction CO2 emissions


The Port of Rotterdam supports every creative solution that leads to the reduction of CO2 emissions. To achieve this, one of the solutions is reducing the empty container transport between Rotterdam and several import countries in Europe.

As a seller of containers, K-tainer has found a solution to make the cabotage more effective and sustainable.

Instead of using their own containers, companies now have the opportunity to make use of K-tainer's containers for some locations even for free. Every month K-tainer shares a list of their available empty containers and the accompanying destinations. After selecting the empty containers that meets their needs, the transporting companies deliver their own cargo and hereby also deliver the 'empty' container. This not only reduces costs for all parties, but will also have a significant impact on CO2 emissions.

Business developer Marco Gerritzen at K-tainer: "The imbalance of equipment between countries in Europe results in the accumulation of unnecessary container storage in several import countries. By effectively making use of K-tainer's containers, empty transports will be reduced. Due to eliminating empty transports and less handling activities at the terminal, CO2 emission will be even further reduced."

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