End of the beach season for K-TAINER
End of the beach season for K-TAINER

End of the beach season for K-TAINER


This may sound odd with spring in full swing and summer ahead, but for K-TAINER the beach season has already ended! For many years now, K-TAINER has provided containers to several beach club organizations, who use the containers to store their business during the cold months. We asked one of them to write in their own words about their partnership with us.

"We are a company bound by season, so every year we hire containers to store our beach club. For years now we've opted to work with K-TAINER. It's a pleasant company to work with, and because of the close and direct contact we can act quickly and practically.


"Every year we rent about 5 or 6 containers for all sorts of material that require safe storage in the winter months. These are always in stock and are delivered according to our wishes. When March comes, we contact K-TAINER about collection of the containers. They are flexible and because of the pleasant contact a bond of great mutual trust has been built. We'd love to use their services for many more years!"

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