Event / BAR containers for hire and sale at K-TAINER
Event / BAR containers for hire and sale at K-TAINER

Event / BAR containers for hire and sale at K-TAINER


In our last newsletter we announced that K-TAINER would be offering a container bar up for rent. At the writing of the current newsletter, modifications have finished and our very own K-TAINER Event Container is in use at an event in Rotterdam! The Event Container has been fitted with LED lighting, power sockets, and several hatches, enabling full contact with the outside world of your choosing!

Our K-TAINER Event Container is available for hire, but if you're looking for a different solution, we've got you covered. We were contacted recently by an organization who had read our newsletter and was interested in a more permanent solution for a competitive price. In the end, they purchased a second-hand container which was then modified along similar lines to be suitable as an Event Container. We at K-TAINER were happy to help this customer find their specific solution, and on the 27th of April their very own Event Container was delivered into service in Noord-Holland!

Evenementencontainer - K-TAINER


As you know, the container is a versatile piece of equipment, and K-TAINER is eager to help you find the right solution to your specific challenges! Be it a container bar, restaurant, library bus, house, or anything at this point, really - don't hesitate to contact us and see what we can do for you!



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