Tour de France contest
Tour de France contest

Tour de France contest


For you, occupied and expensive parking spaces and time consuming traffic jams might just become a thing of the past! With an incredibly useful folding bike, useful in the trunk of a car or in a train, you could easily and healthily get to where you need to go – and you could secretly partake in the cycling season! The best news of all? You can win one now at K-TAINER!

Here at K-TAINER, we will be following the Tour de France closely, and we’d like to do it together with you! Being able to cycle yourself is something we’d love to help you do, and that’s why we think of the coming Tour as the ideal time to give away a folding bike! Of course, we would like something in return from you, specifically the time with which you think the winner of the 9th stage of the Tour de France 2016 will finish.


The Question:

What time will be set by the winner of the 9th stage of the Tour de France 2016?


HPlease record your answers down to the seconds. The contestant whose answer is closest to the actual winning time shall be the proud owner of his or her folding bike!


Participation is possible until the 8th of July, 2016, 17:00. Winners shall be contacted personally by K-TAINER. We shall not correspond about the result of the contest individually. Send the anwser to


Attention: Only participants with an address in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium or Germany can partake.

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