Reporting for duty: 20’ Bulk Containers
Reporting for duty: 20’ Bulk Containers

Reporting for duty: 20’ Bulk Containers


The versatile and affordable K-TAINER bulk containers are perfect for transporting bulk goods such as grain, spices, or comparable goods. The containers are available for delivery worldwide and as standard are fully checked before delivery to guarantee a valid CSC date. This ensures that the quality and safety of the container are up to the strict international standards. Because of this, you always receive quality containers.

Bulk containers are unique in that they contain manholes in the roof of the container, through which the container can be loaded. The unloading of the container can easily be done via a letterbox hatch at the front and unloading by means of a tipper chassis. The bulk containers K-TAINER provides are either new or second-hand, and are built according to DIN ISO 1496.


Please contact us for more information, or visit the 20ft. Bulk page.

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