Whiskey-Beer tank
Whiskey-Beer tank

Whiskey-Beer tank


The selection of a new tank container is easy, but assembling an adjusted rotating cleaning system requires specialism. The kind of specialism that K-tainer can offer. Together with the client, we drew the system on a Beer coaster, one rotating spray cleaner type Magnum, assembled in front of the tank, connected to a DN40 pipe and another, smaller rotating spray cleaner type Midget, connected to a DN 25 pipe assembled to the rear of the tank.

With this construction we met the perfect volume range of water flow for the pump. The first rotating spray cleaner produce at 2 Bar - 14m³/hrs and the second rotating spray cleaner 8m³/hrs.


This was the moment to start with the modification of the tank container. The tank container was lifted into the rotator and the walkway dismantled. Thereafter the tank container was spray painted black. The CIP rotating cleaners were assembled and the logo's applied. Finally the walkway was put back into place and the project was successfully completed.

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