Building a wall… from containers!
Building a wall… from containers!

Building a wall… from containers!


Many people realize that shipping containers are perfectly suitable for various and more unconventional uses. At K-tainer we have seen quite some innovations featuring our products – such as the library bus and different houses. In most cases a container is modified. Often walls are added or removed, windows and doors are built in, or bits and pieces are cut out.

We recently met customers who were looking to use their containers not for storage or transport, but who needed the shape and size of the container to remain untouched. So what were they up to?


Wall of containers - K-tainer


After a fresh lick of paint the containers were stacked and now form a steadfast barrier between an industrial plot of land and a residential area. By using containers instead of actually building a wall this solution is inexpensive and durable, and not to mention versatile – the containers can be moved at any time!


Container wall - K-tainer


Container wall grey - K-tainer


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